Creative, individual and premium quality

Your company is unique. This should be reflected in your logo, your branding, your business cards and your stationery: Individual with its own special character.

We create unique design and distinctive corporate and brand worlds at the premium end. Especially adapted to your industry and target group: Luxury or aggressive pricing, high quality or confidential, striking or subdued.


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Responsive Design

Mobile Internet

The use of mobile internet among corporate decision-makers and end customers is growing steadily. Whether for tablets or smart phones, mindmelt can design your internet presence to make its content more visible and appealing for mobile users.

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Marketing & Communication

Informed consulting means good sales

With the right strategy, we can make your company’s core benefits, competencies and product visible and tangible to your customers. We will get your message heard.

Targeted communication solutions that stand out, leave a lasting impression on your customers and support your sales and product managment.

We will work side by side with your marketing department – or if you don’t have one – we will provide professional marketing services for you.


The ideal solution for you

Our unique combination of design, consulting and marketing is what sets mindmelt apart from the rest.

Print Design

Brochures, mailings and customer magazines

We live in an age of information overflow. This is precisely why classical print products can represent a different type of advertising: Haptic and tangible, they can be taken home or stuck on a pin board. The advertising effect lasts longer and the message is enhanced.

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How we create design and conception

1. Differentiation and distinctiveness is what matters.
2. The design must fulfill highest professional standards.
3. Advertising must increase sales and turnover.
4. The design supports the message and not vice versa

Other types of advertising

Outdoor advertising, packaging, posters, facebook marketing, and much more.

There are many ways to create advertising – some of them less conventional: Social networks such as facebook support customer retention. Posters and advertising in public transport are appropriate for regional businesses. The right packaging can tip the scales toward a purchase. We know the market and the media channels. Together with you as our customer, we will develop the strategy that is best-suited for your business.

Our standards

We work exclusively with professionals from your special field of business.

All our staff, partners and service providers are located in Germany.

We don’t switch off our brains after we sign the deal: We live design, are passionate about our work and are true service providers.


The mindmelt full-service formula

1. Consultation in developing communication concept
and advertising strategy
2. Fast and outstanding design
3. Implementation of production
4. You = Satisfied and successful

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