Our unique method

Customized for your success: The mindmelt method ensures that we hit the nail right on the head, leaving you more time to take care of business. This is what makes our projects successful and your advertising effective. Let's mindmelt.

Communication workshop

The workshop can begin after the business details have been clarified. The goal of the workshop is for us to understand your business and your product. In this way you can be sure that we are on the same wavelength and are following the same goals. Sometimes the workshops take 2 hours and sometimes they take 8 hours. It’s a completely normal process and not as dramatic as it may sound.

Why workshop and concept?

1. Experience has shown it is the best way.
2. This ensures you get the product you really want.
3. Your target group can be accurately identified.
4. Your success is ensured.


Pictures convey an emotional message to your customers. They create the atmosphere in which you sell your product. That is why we first determine the visual language before we create the design. We do this by using a picture or a series of pictures that describe the message before we present it to you.

What makes our design special?

We focus on people and their behavior. We make advertising for people. We are creative. We live and love design.

Implementation and programming

Now it’s the grafic artist’s or web designer’s turn to work on the implementation of your product. This begins quickly and in close alignment with the concept, the project plan and of course with your wishes.

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