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Industries and brands

We make advertising for people
and have experience in many industries.
We are strong in communication with end
consumers and in business to business
communication. And when we do venture
out into new territory, our experience enables
us to find our way quickly and professionally.


Benefit of our experience with international brands like Zeiss, Schott, Hyundai and Dunlopillo for your company.



How do you calculate advertising prices?

It is common practice in the advertising business to charge by the hour. An estimate is made at the start of each new project on the number of people and the number of hours will be needed. This is presented to the customer as the total price. Price reductions can be negotiated for longer-term or high volume projects.

Large or small agency – Which is best?

The answer is really quite simple: Regardless of whether an agency is large or small, you always work together with a team consisting of a conceptor, a designer, a copywriter and a contacter. (???could not find this word anywhere) This is the team you work with at small and at large advertising agencies. At mindmelt, you always work together with the Premium Team. That is not always the case at large agencies. Small agencies also provide the advantage of direct communication routes where your work is fast and on target.

How can I be sure that mindmelt is the right advertising agency for our/my business?

Many of our customers are very happy and satisfied with our work. We offer our customers a type of pay-as-you-go plan. Only a small portion of the total amount is due when the contract is signed. This allows you to test us in the first phase of the project. You proceed with further payments when you are satisfied with our services. But to be honest, we’ve never had a customer who discontinued a project at our agency.

I have a really urgent job.

Deadlines are paramount in the advertising business. We are happy to work for our customers – also evenings and on weekends. We do everything in our power to meet your deadlines.

I’m looking for a reasonably priced agency.

mindmelt delivers top quality products. In order to maintain highest standards, we work exclusively with professional designers and programmers and do not rely on trainees and interns. We minimize costs while maximizing performance. But if you’re looking for an agency to design your logo for €99, we are certainly not the right choice for you.

I want an agency in Frankfurt.

That’s perfect. We are only 20 minutes from downtown Frankfurt and know our way well around the entire Rhein-Main area. With today’s digital communication, we also serve customers throughout Germany and Europe. Of course, having an agency around the corner is convenient when you need to take care of something quickly. We are happy to serve you whether you are located to our north, in Wetzlar and Gießen, or centrally, in Frankfurt and Bad Homburg, or in Darmstadt, Hanau, Wiesbaden or Mainz. We have chosen our location in Bad Homburg and Friedrichsdorf rather than in Frankfurt, to keep our overhead costs lower. And that is your advantage.

What happens when the designs from mindmelt just don’t appeal to me?

We make a commitment to our customers to deliver good work that will exceed their expectations. This is the principle which guides our close cooperation. In our discussions with you, we will identify the core message of your business to its target group. That lays the foundation for our work. Only after this step has been completed, do we begin with design and implementation. By following this method, we have always been able to get it right. We will exceed your expectations, guaranteed.

I’ve already had bad experience with a marketing and advertising agency.

Then welcome to the good experience that awaits you at mindmelt. We are professionals who will take the work off your shoulders. The mindmelt method is tried and proven. It will ensure that we get off to a good beginning and guide our close cooperation every step of the way. It is virtually impossible to get off track and miss the target. And I should add that customer contact takes top priority at mindmelt. This ensures close communication, and keeps strategy and implementation in safe hands.


1. Brand Promotion incl. print campaign
2. Webpage and Online-Marketing of a consulting Company
3. Powerpoint-Prasentation of a consulting Agency
4. Corporate Design of a medical practice
5. What about your name here?


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Customer testimonials

 Great! The new website has increased
the number of hits by 35%.

Who: Industry
Project: Relaunch Website
Services: Screendesign, UI-Design, User-Experience

 Finally, a proactive advertising agency that thinks on its feet.
I’ve had very different experiences in the past.

Who: International Company
Project: Marketingsupport
Services: Ad- and Bannerdesign, Point-of-Sale

 Our new website is really going over
well.  Our brand is finally getting the
attention it needs!

Who: Consulting
Project: Corporate Identity
Services: Corporate Design, Webdesign, Branding

 mindmelt is fast, reliable, creative.
A true partner at our side.

Who: Finance & Insurance
Project: Ad-Campaign
Services: Ads, Banner, Point-of-Sale, Out-of-Home Media

 The campaign has been a great success!
Thanks so much, Ingo.

Who: Consulting
Project: Relaunch Corporate Design
Services: Webdesign, UI-Design, Online-Marketing, Direct-Marketing

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