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Designtrend Scrolling Websites
Date: 10.10.2014
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Designtrend Scrolling Websites

mindmelt continues to focus on the design trend Scrolling Websites

Internet pages that look like many others. Appearances that offer seemingly unordered and confusing content. Information that make a completely overloaded impression. This is how many websites look like. But these collections do not fullfil their aims.

Visitors who are searching for information want to find clearly structured systems that lead quickly to the desired info. For this reason, the experienced webdesigners at webdesigna agency mindmelt continue on the trend "Scrolling Website".

No more boring designs

An unusual appearance attracts visitors and catches their attention. This special  Designtrend differentiates itself from other websites and presents itself very modern. These are only some of the advantages:
- complex content can be clearly focused on
- the system "per-line-information" allows the visitor to access information easier
- the aims of communication can easily be transported

The fact that it works is shown last but not least by the agency website.

Why Bother?

Based on this designtrend, it is now possible to generate customized appearances, which delivery ideas, marketing and brand messages very fast and easy.

Furthernore visitors have more fun on further clicking and scrolling. The visitors even stay longer on the website. By the way, this type of design is also great to implement responsive design for Ipad, Iphone, etc.

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