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4 rules for webdesign
Date: 06.02.2016
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4 rules for webdesign

The webdesign of a company's website is one of the most important criteria that determine the success of the website. The market research company Facit Digital has released a study that clarifies, that here are certain aspects that are essential for a good webdesign.

We have summarized the most important findings of the study as follows:

Users love, what they already learned

Therefore the look and feel of the website should fit on all devices to the companies character. The brand recognition increases the loyaltiy of the user - his visits last longer and he is able to connect to the story of the company he visits.


Functionality before anything else

Both the navigation and the usabilty must work - no matter on which devices. What works in "normal" Web, is far from ideal on mobile devices. Have an eye on functionality it should always be maintained. Otherwise, site visitors leave your site.


The so-called "sandwich menu" - but please correct

Mobile is gettiny increasingly important. The so-called "sandwich menu" is quickly recognized by users as a menu item and often used in the world wide web. It became the classic symbol for navigation over the and recognized by thethe three characteristic dashes. However: All sites must be accessible through this icon. It should also be placed in the upper part on the right side of the website - users normally expect the menu there on mobile devices.


Same content for all Designs

Content on the public web pages of your company should also be readable on the mobile version. Have both - the classic and the mobile content - in mind when creating content.



Positive user experience is the indispensable criterion of a functional website. This applies in times of mobile marketing for all screensizes. Make sure your menu is easly accessable and has a structured Navigation and make your content view- and accessable on all devices.

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