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The faces behind the ad agency
Date: 04.11.2014
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The faces behind the ad agency

The ad Agency mindmelt works differently than many of its competitors. In summary, it's all about transparency, focus, innovation and individuality. We speak of unique features and the fact that we find the special communaction mehtod together with our customers.

That this is showing not least the success of our own company, the mindmelt Agency for Communication and Advertising.

For over a decade we have been successful with this strategy: Just like any company we consult, we remain true to ourselves, always and try to be authentic.
In the course of working together - we as the employees of the Agency mindmelt - learn many details about our clients. Philosophies, goals, personal and individual characteristics. All of these factors we use to make the client's public appearance as perfect as possible.

Now it's time that you learn more about mindmelt. We start offering something new: our personal opinion - openly and honestly. You will soon no longer read only bare facts - but learn more about how mindmelt sees things.

For this purpose we face direct questions in interviews, offer insights into the agency itself and allow you to get to know us better this way.
Soon you will read more about this on our website.

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